Reportage from Abkhazia

22 July, 2016   9 date_month 2 date_day ago

My childhood memories witnessed my parents deep sadden moaning, dried tears and secret thirst of being in Abkhazia, I was pretty lucky to spend my summer with grandparents next to border, so I could not understand why parents kept terrible missing part. As soon as I grew up, tackled troubles crossing the border, there I felt miserable feeling of loss. Feeling, when you are not allowed in your home region.

On 13 July 2016, while being in working trip abroad, was told about magic thing, I caught a chance to visit Abkhazia,I put all necessary affairs off and fled to Georgia in Batumi. At airport my friends shared my gladness, cross the river Enguri and revive childhood memories, pursue my parents hope to wreck hate-drenched wall.

Once I glanced at fire gun monument at Enguri River, same feelings surfaced, Monument reminds me not to load gun and hit someone rashly, thoughtlessly, just like in 1992.

I leave my hopes up for peace flag, for Abkhazians wise confession, for all committed sins, which bordered us.Our generation is responsible to fight for peace

Crossed border, at Abkhazian post, asked to young costumers to find my entrance permit, I was given it without any obstacles and great wishes. 

Unlike Abkhazian post, I experienced surprised look by Russian soldiers, asking why so many Ukrainian stamps in passport? No wonder, their curiosity due to my Ukrainian trips is pure outcome of Russian post-soviet logic.I answered politely, there were several purposes of visiting Ukraine, especially see my friends. His familiar feedback, kept asking pointless questions, I got feeling, he was trying to interfere my entrance, suddenly Abkhazian officer approached us, snatched my passport, paid for my taxi service and wished my happy journey, I felt so secure, even great kingdoms are unable to root of history from peoples mind. 

Arrived safe in Gudauta, following the war footsteps painfully, not worthy to repeat all we have been through.  My family was not expecting me, I made a big  holy surprise  after 11 years , stepped my hometown with different purpose and mission, with my significant status, worries still wrecking my nerves, taking huge responsibility in Abkhazian-Georgian relationship strengthen. 

Second morning and I am in Sokhumi, meeting with my Abkhazian friends and government representatives, it was dramatically emotional, full of positive attitudes, I was out of reality , after huge conflict all I experienced after all was radically changed positions.  My thoughts are on interview with occupied Abkhazian foreign affairs Minister. Dozens of new and interesting facts, events, information will be released and documented by me in Abkhazia.Accumulated friend resources, contacts and my Abkhazian brothers will help me to perform in in an interesting way.Lot need to be changed, first deepen our relationships with Abkhazian people, to gain trust, give another helping hand, this our mission, proudly declaring, that I managed to contribute little in our future relationship, we have got possibilities to fix parents problems and do not dwell in past troubles, I reckon our people has made serious mistake, but we are generation of friendship, humanity, reliability, peace. 

We are all skilled up to make change

I spent 3 days in Abkhazia, seized with each day, felt warmness and essence of beautiful region, nothing is lost –that’s what I have read out in Abkhazian people, in our friendship time, we are unity and hope eye-watering presence will turn into unpleasant past. 

My farewell seemed not actual one; everyone got feeling of upcoming meeting. Hours I spent will last over months, once it disappears, I will gain it again. 

We need each other, soon comes the time, we all believe nothing stands against people’s desire.